Barry Romich Woodworking

At the 2009 Wayne County Fair in Sepember, I came across the Can Do Woodworking exhibit booth in which they were turning bowls on a woodlathe. Having purchased a laser engraver earlier in the year, I struck up a conversation to explore the synergy between the two. I was soon signed up for a three day course with three other students. The above photo shows some of the fruits of our labors.

Before the course was over, I realized that I needed a woodlathe. However, my small living space would not accommodate one. (I had long ago converted my bedroom to a shop that had various power tools, an electronics bench and a laser engraver.) So local contractor Brett Ungerer added a 12 x 15 woodworking shop using model energy efficient construction techniques. (2 x 6 studs on 24" centers, 1" closed cell extruded sheets outside, and closed cell spray insulation for air sealing.) The new windows, combined with the federal incentive program, prompted replacing all windows in the house.

When my father learned what I was doing, he gave me the cutting tools that his father had given him at the age of 16.

The challenge ahead is finding the time to use the woodlathe.

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