I began to love both of the Prentke's. They were beautiful people. I can truly say there was never a day I felt that I was going to work. It was one of the best jobs I've ever had and they were two of the best people to work for. When Eddie was able to drive he would sometimes leave Esther and myself at home and upon his return he would kiss her and touch her breast and then look at me with that bad boy smile. I loved their preciseness. Everything the Prentke's did. They ate at the same time each day, they drink wine at the same time, they took their pills at the same time, they had dinner at the same time. I truly believe that added to their longevity. They ate small portions and they never over ate and they never ate between meals. Ed was a man who loved yellow. Every Monday morning I would give Esther her shower and put her yellow blouse on and bring her into the kitchen for breakfast. Ed never failed to give her a kiss and touch her breast.

This was one of my funniest moments with Ed and Esther. I don't remember when Ed stopped making breakfast. But when he stopped, I would get up at 6:00 A.M. freshen myself up and make breakfast. Then one morning I got up and I didn't see Ed in bed. In my mind I was thinking Ed was up, so I began to speed things up. After coming out of the bathroom I didn't see Ed in his office. I thought to myself I hope Ed isn't dead on the floor. I walked into the bedroom and saw that Ed was underneath the covers. His little head came up so I started backing out of the room. We had a big laugh with that.

After Esther passed away he would say how much he missed her and I would hug and kiss him more. I felt a man being married for 69 years, how lonely he must have felt. I remember I would take him to the duck pond and put the top down on the convertible. He loved shopping at Sam's Club and yard sales. Ed and I would go out to dinner. We would have fun trying to figure out what people would be thinking. We would alway get a booth and we would sit side by side. We would laugh and talk until he got ready to go. I loved Ed. He was a true friend and a good employer. Ed was a thinking man. Ed was a businessman. Ed was an old man to people that did not know, but to me he was my road dawg.

Love You Always

Myra Gantt

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