Basic Criteria for Prospective Grantees

In addition to meeting the Area of Interest criteria, Romich Foundation requires that organizations receiving support have a designation of 501(c)3 and meet certain other basic criteria.

Evidence must be provided to indicate that the organization is well-managed. The essential measure of this is assurance that reviews of all employees are conducted at least annually and that the review process provides for input from those above, at, and below the oranizational level of the individual being reviewed. This may be known as 360 degree review.

Evidence must be provided to indicate that the mission of the organization and its implementation do not discriminate on the basis of age, religion, national origin, gender, disability, or sexual orientation and does not support activities counter to harmonious living in our community.

Evidence must be provided to confirm that the organization investment portfolio does not include fossil fuel stocks. (Reference:

An accepted form of evidence for these points is a resolution signed by a majority of the governing board of the organization. Click here for a .doc format template.


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