Village of Creston, OH

Romich Foundation provided a grant to purchase "Welcome to Historic Creston" signs for the north and south approaches to the village on Ohio 3. Technical support for the sign design was also provided.


Photo from The Post, November 10, 2012

Councilmen Lyle Kalina and Marlin Hostetler unveil one of the new signs at the November 5, 2012 council meeting.


Lyle Kalina and Barry Romich after adding the train silhouette to the sign.


Historic Creston is the theme of this sign with touches of the future also being reflected on it.

Kathleen (Kate) Murray Slater’s book “Creston Past Almost Forgotten” was used as an inspiration and reference guide in the development of the sign.

Rails, Roads and Trails have been paramount in the development of our wonderful village.

In the 1860’s the arrival of rail lines and trains placed Creston on the map. The silhouette of a train on top of the sign reflects this recognition. The logos of the Erie, Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company and the B&O reflect the lines that have passed and are still passing through Creston today.

The Cleveland Southwestern Interurban Line played a vital part in our historical past, 1903 – 1931. The design of the trolley reflects the name of CRESTON and INTERURBAN with dates 1903-1931. The future can be viewed by the silhouette of characters reflecting from the interurban windows. The left window represents the “Safe Routes to Schools” with children walking to school safely. The right window symbolizes the “County Line Rails to Trails” which is now an active part of our village.

The next large development was the improvement of our roadways, now called State Route 3. The early names were Wooster Pike and “The Three C Highway”, which was the first important auto route that connected Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. This is a from “In Search of…. The Three-C Highway” By Michael G. Buettner.

The sign reflects the emblem of the Three C Highway which passes through Creston from Cleveland to Columbus then Cincinnati.

Our Village has had many names in the past before being incorporated in 1899.
-Seville Station 1860
-Pike Station 1881
-Creston July 5, 1881
-In 1881 Creston was established and this is what is symbolized on the sign.

As stated, Rails, Roads and Trails and Walkways have played and are continually playing an important part in Creston’s past and future.

The Romich Foundation generously provided a grant to purchase “Welcome to Historic Creston” signs for the north and south approaches to the village on Ohio 3. Technical support for the sign design was also provided by the Romich Foundation.

Sign design by Barry Romich, Lyle Kalina and Harry Stebbins who was our local Train and railroad consultant.

We also want to acknowledge the following:
- Thanks to Crossroads Assembly Church and the Romich Family for allowing the signs to be placed on their properties.
- A special thanks to the Village of Creston for their support on this project.
- Thanks to the maintenance staff in the installation of these signs.
- Jim Jeffers Family for permission to trim trees on the property line.
- Wheeling and Lake Erie Rail Road Company for permission to use their logo.
- CXS Rail Road Company for permission to use the B&O logo.
- David Eugene McIlvaine for the use of model train cars in part on which the train silhouette was based.
- Fought Signs of Wooster, Ohio for their professional craftsmanship and guidance through this project.

Thank You,
Lyle Kalina

Appreciation is expressed to Lyle Kalina for his initiative and tireless efforts at managing this project.


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