Children's Book


The Confederate Flag and How People Feel About It.
A lesson in character building


The display of the Confederate flag is offensive to many youth, their friends and families. Young people are curious about the flag and what it represents. Many adults in the lives of children are working toward building character in those children.

Discussions have begun on commissioning a children's book as an educational tool to be distributed in various ways, perhaps including to all Wayne County 4H clubs and elementary schools. Using the example of the Wayne County Fair, it will chronicle the process of efforts to prohibit the display and sale of the flag, as well as document the successful prohibition in other public places. It will promote use of the flag for educational and historical purposes only. The book will include reference to various character traits that have come to play in this process. While the target audience is elementary school age children, it will be a useful resource for all ages, including those who may still be pursuing a similar goal in other communities.

"And in the end, the Wayne County Fair Board, like Cinderella, had courage and was kind."


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