(Romich Farm, 13875 Cleveland Rd., Creston, OH 44217)

This is a "Live Steam" scale (1:8; 7-1/2") ridable model train.

37 second YouTube video

The train was built for kids to have fun.
However, misuse or lack of attention could possibly result in injury.
To avoid injury, please enjoy the train only
when a Romich family member is present and be careful.

The original train was built mostly of junk and stuff that was lying around. The known exceptions are the wheels and the track. The wheels were cast and the track was fabricated from new (Yes, shocking!) steel that Ben welded together. He built a form for holding the steel in place for welding the curves.

The original power source was a one cylinder 4-cycle gasoline engine. This engine was apparently unsuitable for other farm uses where ease of starting and reliable operation were important factors. The struggles with the engine were a source of amusement for all but those waiting for their rides and those actually working to get it going, which encompassed nearly everyone in the vicinity.

The train is now powered by two deep discharge 12 volt AGM batteries, which drive a 24 volt 250 watt (about 1/3 horsepower) electric motor. The energy to charge the batteries comes from sunshine that is converted to electricity by the two solar panels mounted on the engine cover. (By the way, the south roof of the old hog house behind the barn has over 10 KW of solar panels with a grid tie connection. For much of the year, this system generates more electricity than is used at the farm, including charging the Volt car batteries, with the excess being sent back to the power company.)


A clear rain cover protects the train and yet allows it to be enjoyed when not in use.

CAUTION! If the train has been covered and in the sun, it can be HOT!

Before loading, make sure the control panel circuit breaker is OFF and the speed slide switch is down, in the STOP position.
Also, the transmission lever should be in the NEUTRAL position.

After loading passengers, turn on the POWER circuit breaker and move the slide switch first to the 1 and then to the 2 position. The motor should be running now. Pushing the transmission lever to the FORWARD position should start the train moving. Moving the train in the reverse direction may derail cars on the curves.

If mosquitoes are a problem, repellant is kept in the gondola car.

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Have fun!!

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