Solar Power Station Construction

Habitat Construction Manager Larry Hughes made an excellent choice of this trealer.

The first component was the battery. It was donated by Rubbermaid and in its previous life it powered a fork lift. It weighs nearly a ton and was placed over the axels front to back and slightly right of center to compensate for the weight of the electronics package that was to mounted on the left wall. Steel brackets were fabricated to securely attach it to the trailer.

Three Unistrut lengths were bolted to the floor, side, and roof struts.

The weight of the Outback Power Systems electronics package required many hands.

The electronics package was set on a wood frame and bolted to the Unistrut. From right to left are the charge controller, the DC distribution panel, the two power inverters, and the AC distribution panel.

A hood was constructed for the battery to contain and vent the hydrogen gas that is a byproduct of the charging process. Two vents were put through the roof, one for the flexible pipe and one for the ceiling.

A cabinet/desk unit was added to provide for charging stations for portable hand tools and some workspace.

The Solar Power Station trailer is also used for storage of tools and materials.

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