One of the major areas of interest to Romich Foundation is energy. It is clear that we must change the way we live for the benefit of future generations. We must "plant trees, the shade of which we do not plan to enjoy". Romich Foundation is supporting local, state, and national initiatives aimed at reducing and replacing the use of fossil fuel with renewable energy resources for transportation, electricity generation and residential heating and cooling.

This page features links to a number of initiatives that demonstrate that commitment. As of October 2015, this page is being updated to include links to pages that feature:

1) A 10+ KW grid tie solar array with emergency power during grid failure when sun shines.
) A number of other solar arrays within walking distance of the Romich Foundation office.
3) An AC residential battery backup system for indefinite grid failure.
4) A residential energy monitoring system.
5) A novelty solar powered ice cream maker.
6) A ridable solar powered train.
7) A residential new construction radiant energy barrier to reduce heating and cooling energy needs.
8) Use of endothermic paint for home interior to reduce heating and cooling energy needs.
Use of an integrated air heat pump for heating and cooling a makerspace.
10) A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. (Powered by sunshine: 1) above.)

The Romich Foundation office site has been on the American Solar Energy Association / Green Energy Ohio annual tour, the first weekend of October. However, we invite anyone interested in seeing these things to visit. To organize a mutually agreeable time, contact: Barry Romich;; 330-464-7877.

In addition to the above, here are a few other solar energy projects in which we have been involved over the years.



The following teacher resources were suggested by

Jasmine Dyoco
Educator Labs
2054 Kildaire Farm Rd. #204
Cary, NC| 27518

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Also, visit the web site of Wayne County Sustainable Energy Network

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