One of the major areas of interest to Romich Foundation is energy. It is clear that we must change the way we live for the benefit of future generations. We must "plant trees, the shade of which we do not plan to enjoy". Romich Foundation is supporting local, state, and national initiatives aimed at reducing use of imported oil and the general use of fossil fuels for transportation and energy generation.


The following teacher resources were suggested by

Jasmine Dyoco
Educator Labs
2054 Kildaire Farm Rd. #204
Cary, NC 27518

Harness The Power Of The Sun: The Complete Guide To Using Solar Energy

Planning a Home Solar Electric System

Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

How to Make Any Home Appliance Into a Solar Electric Hybrid

Solar Swimming Pool Covers and Reels

Solar Energy Science Projects

Solar Basics for Kids


12 useful tips to save energy


Also, visit the web site of Wayne County Sustainable Energy Network

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