Information for Class Instructors
using the Romich Foundation Makerspace

October 2022

The Romich Foundation Makerspace is seeing some use as a host site for various activities and events, including small classes organized by Schantz MakerSpace. The address is 13875 Cleveland Road, Creston, OH 44217. It is located directly across the road from Norwayne Elementary School. General parking is behind the red barn, with the concrete area in front of the makerspace being reserved for individuals with mobility constraints. The facility is wheelchair friendly.

The class space is typically set up a day in advance of the class. The instructor is invited to make contact to organize set-up and to test video, Internet access, and other functions.

The class space is the woodworking area of the makerspace, with the island work surface rolled into another room. There are four exits from the room, two of which go outside directly. A fire extinguisher is in each of the three rooms, near an exit. Up to five folding tables can be set up, with typically two class participants at each table. The tables and folding chairs are stored just inside the adjoining building, which also houses the Schantz MakerSpace inventory.

Extension cords and power strips are available.

The instructor is typically positioned in the sliding door opening to the office. Power receptacles are nearby for connecting a laptop AC adapter.

A ceiling mounted data projector projects onto a wall beside the sliding doors. The video connection is via a wireless link with the transmitter having an HDMI plug. A VGA adapter is available. These items are in the data projector case, which is stored on a shelf in one of the rolling work surfaces.

Two rolling computer stands are available. One has amplified speakers that can be plugged into a computer if needed. Raised stools for instructors are available.

A hospitality center has hot and cold beverages. Snacks can be available upon request.

Wireless Internet is available and the keyword for connection is: "tomisourfriend".

Most classes involve participants bringing their own laptop computers with programs and/or files loaded. Things happen. Schantz MakerSpace has twelve HP laptops in the inventory space and it may be prudent to have one or more configured to serve as substitutes. We may be able to do this if given time and guidance.

The remote control for the heating/cooling system air handling unit is mounted on the wall beside the door to the deck. (There are air handling units in the other two rooms. If the mode of operation needs to be changed, the same should be done with the other two units for the system to work properly.)

A composting toilet bathroom with a vanity is being constructed in the laser engraver room. Until that is completed, a bathroom in the house can be used.

Class instructors and activity organizers are invited to make contact relative to more specific needs.

Barry Romich



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