One of the ways in which Romich Foundation supports the local community is through the Romich Foundation Makerspace. A makerspace is basically a shop with a variety of tools that range from hand tools to high tech instruments and machines. Operation of the makerspace is further consistent with the Romich Foundation values of STEAM education and promotion of entrepreneurship in the area.

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The Romich Foundation Makerspace is open to the local community at no charge. Most activity is oriented toward schools and various non-profit organizations in the area, with projects being signs, placards, awards, nametags, fabrication of items for fundraiser activity, keyrings, tokens, etc. When the organization contact is unable to fabricate the desired items directly, Romich Foundation can hire local school students to do so.

Use of the Romich Foundation Makerspace is generally by appointment. Visitors are welcome. Contact Barry Romich by email (, text or phone (330-464-7877).


The makerspace is divided into three basic areas:

3D Printing, Cricut, Sublimation and Office

The office is home to both Romich Foundation and makerspace administrative functions and is designed to accommodate visitors to both Romich Foundation and the makerspace. Brainstorming with makerspace visitors is often the first step in defining projects. The hospitality center offers beverages and snacks.


The work surface in the right photo above shows 3D printers, including the EasyThreeD unit that is the basis for the 3D Printer Lending Library. The display case at the left end contains sample items, mostly from the laser engravers. A Cricut sheet material cutting machine can also be seen and a sublimation printer and heat press are available.




  • Hand tools
  • Power hand tools
  • Power tools
  • ShopBot Desktop CNC routers
  • Sainsmart 3018 CNC routers

The island work surface can easily be removed to convert this space into group use. Groups up to thirty can be accommodated theater style, and up to ten for hands on classes. Information for instructors.


This area can be closed off from the other two to contain the sawdust and noise.


Laser Engraving, Metalworking and Electronics


  • Epilog Helix laser engravers
  • Rotary attachment
  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Bridgeport mill
  • Metal lathe
  • Shear/brake
  • TIG welder
  • Assorted hardware
  • Various materials
  • Electronic instruments
  • Electronic components
  • Microcontrollers
      • Microbit
      • Arduino
      • Raspberry Pi




Inspiration for the Romich Foundation Makerspace came in part from Thinkbox at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. When Barry Romich was a student at Case, he spent time in the student shop, when he probably should have been studying. However, his time there eventually led him to meet Ed Prentke and what is now PRC-Saltillo is the result. Around 2010, at the prompting of CWRU development people, Barry agreed to enhancing his financial support of the university, with the condition that such support would be used to create a modern high tech student shop. The idea resonated with others in the Case School of Engineering and Thinkbox, now also supported by many other donors, was the result. Thinkbox is now the premier innovation center among universities worldwide. The prototyping area is the Prentke Romich floor. Visitors are welcome and Thinkbox is open for use by the community.

Romich Foundation Makerspace is one of a number in the area. This list was prepared in 2019 by Tom Hammond of the Wayne College 3D Lab.

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