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Romich Foundation Makerspace is a resource for the local maker community that includes many tools, instruments, digital fabrication equipment, components, hardware, materials, etc. The makerspace is also the host site for activities and meetings organized by Schantz MakerSpace. There is good collaboration between the two nonprofit organizations. One example is the shared inventory, which is being enhanced by donations from members of the local maker community. This inventory is located in three separate buildings on the Romich Foundation Makerspace site: 1) Office/Makerspace building, 2) white building behind, and 3) building south of the red barn.

In an effort to make this inventory useful to the community, a system is being put into place to facilitate finding items. The current version is implemented using an online Google spreadsheet. The site is located at:

Clicking on this link will allow access to the searchable listing of items. CTRL-F will open a search box into which can be entered a search term. Each building has an XYZ coordinate system that can be accessed at the online site. The coordinates should get within around two feet of the searched item.

Initially, this site is read only. Suggestions for adding items or making other improvements are welcome.

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