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South Africa

In August 2005 elder daughter Jennie and her partner Adele organized a South African experience for family and friends. Click on the map to learn more.

Southern Water Trip

For the first half of December 2003, I joined Doug Hobson (University of Pittsburgh) and Jules Legal (Winnipeg, Manitoba) for a two-week adventure moving Doug's trawler from Columbus, Mississippi to Clearwater, Florida. Click on the picture, Bravo!, to learn more about the expedition.

Los Angeles to Denver

Following the March 2004 CSUN Conference Dave Hershberger, Ed Miller, and I rented Harleys and rode east. Highlights included the shoe tree, the infamous Quartzsite, AZ bookstore, the Mahlon Hershberger homestead, Monument Valley, Four Corners, the Hobratschk ranch outside Taos, NM, the Enchanted Circle, Eagle Nest, and the ride to Denver. Click on the photo to learn more.

Arizona Tour

The March 2005 CSUN Conference motorcycle trip, also with Dave Hershberger and Ed Miller, was a tour of central Arizona. Click on the photo to learn more.

Richard's Cabin

In February 2009, at the end of a week in Seattle, I drove to the Portland, Oregon area to link up with my cousin Richard Koontz. We drove about 3-1/2 hours to Tahkenitch Lake, right on the Pacific Ocean coast about 12 miles south of Florence, OR.

Visiting Ingrid and Richard's Farm

In the fall of 2014 Katie and I visited Seattle to keep in touch with granddaughter Ingrid. Following several days there, Katie returned to Ohio and I drove to Oregon to see Richard and Lawanna's new farm.

Northern California by Motorcycle

Following the 2009 CSUN Conference in mid March, Dave Hershberger, Bob Vigerut, and I spent some days exploring northern California.

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