The Great Los Angeles to Denver
Motorcycle Adventure of 2004

March 20-25, 2004

Every March, the Center on Disability at California State University - Northridge (CSUN) organizes a conference on computer technology for people with disabilities. Prentke Romich Company and Saltillo Corporation both exhibit at the conference. Several years ago, Dave Hershberger started taking motorcycle trips after the conference. In 2001 Barry Romich joined him for the first time and it has since been an annual tradition. Others have joined occasionally: Bjorn Arntzen (Norway) in 2001 and Bob Vigerut (Canada) in 2002.

This year Ed Miller, who works in purchasing at PRC, decided that this would be a good thing to do. The plan was to rent motorcycles in Los Angeles and return them in Denver, seeing some things along the way.

For photos and descriptions click on the following links:

Saturday March 20

Sunday March 21

Monday March 22

Tuesday March 23

Wednesday March 24

Thursday March 25

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